A few years ago,I was asked to answer the same question. And I wrote a big essay that advocated the concept of love. I said that love is the most important of all,that if you have found your true soul mate you need to follow your heart. I was thirteen when I wrote that for a school assignment. Now as an adult who has the right to vote and cannot commit major crimes(no juvenile courts to protect me anymore),I thought about it again. I was reading my essay and I realized how simple things were back then!
It was just about getting good marks and having a hep social life. I was oblivious to the sufferings of the world and so many conflicts. Personally,I was satisfied and happy. I had only happy people around me and all I saw was beautiful Bollywood movies that promised happy endings and movies like DDLJ that made me think that true love is the most important thing. Oh the beautiful world where romance was the only thing I needed and wanted. Follow your heart and your family will understand,so simple.
Now when I look at these things,I wonder if ‘love’ is really that important. I do want love in my life but can I forget the times my parents did things for me? Can I forget that they did everything so I get good education and grow up to be a good human being? I don’t think so. Love will stay,even parents will understand at some point but can I ditch my family to run away to be with the one that I love? Will I ever be happy? Call it duty,love or attachment but for me,my parents are the most important people. Yes I’m not really satisfied by the way that I was brought up and yes I would definitely raise my kids differently(or so I think) but that doesn’t mean that my parents did a bad job. I think they did pretty well and raised a compassionate and strong child. I just don’t think I can forget years of care and tolerance and patience to run away with a new found love interest.
If it is true love,it will stay. It will understand. And even parents will. Of course this is just my opinion and I am a firm believer of ‘following your heart’ but leaving parents is not really a solution. Make them understand. And if nothing works and I have to choose one,I will choose my parents. What about you?

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