Class twelfth board exams are one of the most important milestones of any student’s life. There’s a sadness of leaving the comfort of school and the excitement of going to a new college and experiencing the freedom. But who knew getting into a college was so difficult! With the average percentage increasing to 90s and so many students,securing a seat in a college with good faculty and affordable fees is difficult. Till I actually got my (comparatively terrible) class 12 result, I had no idea about other colleges.

Most of us dream of getting in any of the north campus colleges because of the reputation and ongoing media attention the Delhi University receives. But with cutoffs as high as 95 and less number of seats,it is no piece of cake. In the glamour that DU receives,we forget about some other colleges in Delhi that have the same facilities as DU has. Life doesn’t end at one university’s list. We might be disappointed by our marks or how just a few marks disqualify us for an admission this year,but trust me,there are other universities too. Some of the popular universities are:

  1. Jamia Millia Islamia

I am a student of this university so I can assure that the faculty is good. The campus is also spacious and green. It is a central university,just like DU so the quality of education is similar. Even after being as good as one of the most popular universities,not many people prefer to go here due to the belief that it is a Muslim university. It isn’t,we have a diverse lot of students and faculties. The university offers undergraduate courses in languages,psychology,sciences,social science,hotel management,dentistry,law and B.Tech.  At the end of the day,there is no religious bias and there are many cultural and social events to participate in. Just no media glamour. Admission is based on an entrance exam,so even if you couldn’t score in class 12,you have a chance.

  1. B.R. Ambedkar University

You can also try the new upcoming university such as B.R. Ambedkar University. The B.R. Ambedkar University offers specialized courses in the arts and social sciences such as English, psychology, economics and history. This university also allows students to appear for the campus placement after completion of their degree. From what I have heard,the faculty is good and since it a government university,fees is less too. Admissions are on the basis of class 12 marks and forms can be filled online.


If you’re looking profession courses at undergraduate levelGGSIP University is a good option. It  offers plenty of technical and professional courses, including BTech, Bachelor degree in Business Admistration, computer applications, fashion and apparel design , physiotherapy, medical laboratory technology and nursing. It is famous for its law courses. IP University admits students on the basis of Commom Entrance Test (CET) by the University for almost all the programmes.

  1. JNU

Another central university which is very popular for its postgraduate courses is JNU. However,not many people are aware that it is a school of language and cultural studies. It offers BA program and honors courses in foreign languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Korean, French, Turkish and Japanese.


These are some of the government/semi government universities which have all the facilities and the fees is also reasonable.

Otherwise there are always private universities like Amity and Sharda University which have all the courses and are popular too.

Whichever college you go to,all you need to remember is that it doesn’t matter where you study. It is about you and your dedication. Choose your college course wisely and whatever you choose,make sure you like it and put in your best efforts.