A lot of people complain about the misguided “feminists” and the “reverse sexism” this leads to. Most of the social movements that demand change have a group of haters who don’t intend to make things worse but don’t want to be an ally simply because they don’t agree to some things done by some people.
To cut out the arbitrariness, let’s talk about feminism. Even though we have a group of people who want to Shun the patriarchal ideology that obviously suppresses both men and women while completely forgetting other possible gender identities, most people want to stand for “equality” and not feminism.
I don’t agree to a lot of things many people do in the name of feminism, but at the same time invalidating an entire struggle just shows how little you care when the issue is not about you.
Here’s the thing, your support should not be based on whether or not an individual is nice to you. Movements like feminism and black lives matter (etc) are about ensuring basic human rights for everybody, it is about the equal rights.
Being an ally or a supporter is about the movement and not about how polite the supporters are to you. IMG_20161103_144927.jpg