Somebody I recently met for the first time (but have been talking to for a while) asked me if my “hyper-sexual” attitude is due to the sexual abuse I faced as a child or because I was mistreated by some people I dated.
Now, I’ve realised that this query has been around for a very long time now. So here is the explanation for everything, the one nobody is entitled to.

1. I’m honestly sick of being called a “hyper-sexual”, “whore” or “slut”. I’m not fucking everybody and neither am I taking money for it, even if I am, IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
2. I have been very open about many things and have always made sure I talk about things personally to make people around me comfortable. Honest dialogue sorrounding the “taboo” topics is my speciality and I’ll keep questioning, talking, commenting, shouting. I have never mentioned anything to people for sympathy because I don’t need your sympathy. But just because I talk about some traumatic things so casually, DO NOT ASSUME I’M OKAY WITH YOU TRYING TO “PSYCHOANALYSE” ME WITH YOUR MISINFORMED BRAIN.
3. My experiences are mine to talk about. If I’ve trusted you enough to share something personal with you, HAVE THE COURTESY TO NEVER USE IT AGAINST ME.
4. Just because I don’t point it out again and again, please don’t assume I’ve forgotten or it is okay for you to joke about it. Please take my polite protests seriously.

Everybody really needs to get a life of their own, TBH. I’m really done. I tried to argue with everybody who was being unreasonable, sexist or just plain rude but now I’m done. You people who stand in the name of “preserving Indian culture” and “purity and sanctity of women” by disrespecting somebody’s way of life fucking disgust me.
If anybody has a problem with what I say, do, write, click, post-then leave. You don’t have to meet me, or text me or call me, just to remind me that “hey Shaifila, you know I think maybe your past is the reason you fuck so much”
Nobody deserves an explanation for anything you do. I don’t need that negativity in my life. Last few days have made me realise how difficult it is for people to mind their own business 🙂
I use all platforms I have to speak about things that matter to me and Facebook is one of them. You have every right to disagree but not by insulting me. I’m up for ideological debates as long as you’re not saying stupid shit. If at any point of time my “Facebook activism” bothers you, you can unfollow me and not be a dick about it.

(Even though this is about “me”, if you’re one of mean ones who try to associate behaviours with trauma and be an asshole by asking for explanations, STOP. If this is happening to you, tell them to stop or do what I’m going to do ab se, PUNCH THEM. <3)